My commander on the ground after I left town!

Mary was positive, efficient, responsive and timely in my property purchase — all the way from research to closing and beyond. She was full of positive energy and showed me everything I asked for in addition to the comprehensive list she put together based on my needs. Mary was great in helping me narrow down my possibilities to the perfect purchase. She communicated effectively by responding quickly to my questions. She had my back with everything else. Mary engaged her team to get timely info for me on all the properties I was interested in. She was diligent in helping me put in a strong offer that got me the deal. Does this wonder woman ever sleep!? Mary was my commander on the ground after I left town. She did pre and post close inspections for me to ensure I was treated fairly. She took measurements and photos I needed. Mary also gave me great resources I need to manage my investment. I will continue to root for Team Roots! I will definitely be using Mary and Beth in the future!

— Mike G.